Dog snacks & dog treats made from dried meat

Meat keeps your dog healthy

Does your dog also love snacking fun? Dogs need something to do and treats with flavour. Preferably chews with a high meat content and few additives. Snackies are dog treats with gentle processing and a short list of ingredients.

Dog treats with the best meat

The best meat to use in dog treats is muscle meat. Muscle meat contains a high proportion of proteins and nutrients. This provides your dog with sufficient stamina and energy. This makes muscle meat the ideal nutrient supplier. The higher the meat content, the better the treat is for your four-legged friend. Chews can also significantly improve dental hygiene and prevent tartar. Regular chewing removes plaque and cleans the dog's teeth.

The production process for dried dog snacks

During the drying process of dog snacks, heat is used to remove moisture from the meat. This reduces the weight of the meat to around a quarter. With gentle drying, the nutrient content of the meat is retained and is even much higher due to the removal of moisture. The dried meat also has a much more intense flavour and aroma after the drying process. As with the Indians, dried meat has a longer shelf life without any additives.

What makes a good dog snack?

When buying dog treats, pay close attention to the list of ingredients.
Fillers such as grain, rice, maize, gluten or artificial colourings have no place in dog treats. Many dog snacks also contain preservatives that do not belong in dog treats. It is therefore important to take a close look at the recipe of the dog treats. The declaration on the bag provides precise information about the ingredients in the dog snack. The shorter this list is, the better.

Trust is good, control is better!

Our snackies are closely monitored. This ensures that your dog gets a dog treat of consistent quality. IFS Logo

Snackies are IFS high level (International Featured Standards) certified and thus ensure a uniform product and service standard. IFS is a set of product standards designed to ensure that a high quality product is produced in accordance with our specifications. This applies equally to the entire supply, production and transport chain, the suppliers and the production process. Furthermore, strict regulations and guidelines apply to feed production within the EU. In order to fulfil these, all manufacturers must comply with the legal regulations.

Fish from controlled fisheries

The Snackies fish products are manufactured in production facilities that are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified. The MSC is a non-profit, international organisation for the protection of the oceans and fish stocks. The blue MSC label is the world's most stringent environmental label for wild fish. Fish products with the MSC label come from sustainable, environmentally friendly fisheries.

There is no animal testing with Snackies

It is also important to ensure that the dog snacks are developed without animal testing. We can guarantee this with Snackies and are even named as a ‘brand without animal testing’ by ‘Peta e.V.’. tiernahrung.peta.de/liste

What types of dried dog treats are available from Snackies

Those who have the choice are spoilt for choice.

Firstly, it depends on which types your dog can tolerate. Does he need to be on a diet or does your dog have an intolerance to certain types of meat. And, of course, which treats he likes best.

Snackies offers you a variety of dried dog treats. This is our speciality.

This allows you to offer your dog a wide variety, such as horse meat or lamb meat, which are particularly suitable for dogs with an allergy.

But chicken breast fillets or chicken breast strips are also delicious, recommended and particularly suitable for dogs that can only tolerate treats with low fat. Chews made from rabbit meat are also a low-calorie morsel.

If your pet suffers from a food allergy, it is best to choose hypoallergenic dog snacks. Here you have the choice between classic meats such as horse, lamb, rabbit or water buffalo.

The vegetable varieties from Snackies are particularly tasty

High-quality, natural chews are much more than just a way for dogs to keep busy and have fun nibbling. They are purely natural and carefully prepared and contribute directly to your pet's healthy diet. The varieties with beetroot, spinach, carrot, kohlrabi, broccoli or sweet potato in particular offer your dog a welcome change.

Dog treats can also be used effectively for dog training

Dog snacks are great for training or education. The training cubes snackies are easy to digest, fit easily into any bag and are just the right amount for training exercises. They do not need to be cut up as the size is ideal for a reward without overfeeding the dog. The resealable zip on the bag keeps the training treats fresh and aromatic for a long time.