Goat meat is considered to be one of the most valuable types of meat for dogs and the healthiest red meat. It is very digestible and easy to digest, making it ideal for sensitive dog stomachs. Most four-legged friends love this tasty delicacy, which is full of protein, important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The meat is low in fat and contains only a small amount of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. The perfect reward for dogs with allergies and overweight.

The high folic acid and vitamin B12 content is particularly noteworthy. Both are important as dogs cannot produce them themselves and therefore have to obtain them from their food. Goat meat also contains a lot of potassium, phosphorus and copper. Potassium is important for nerve and heart function, while phosphorus supports the absorption and utilisation of proteins. Copper, on the other hand, is important for the absorption and transport of iron and thus has an influence on the regulation of red blood cells and the immune system.

Why not treat your four-legged friend to healthy and tasty goat treats and chews?